Honest to Goodness

Low-Tox Living with Essential Oils

After the birth of my son in 2016 I became more aware of how our everyday household products are filled with nasty toxins and chemicals.  Since then I’ve slowly started making changes and switching to natural solutions.  Last year I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils and fell in love with their products, humanitarian and business philosophy. They have made such an incredible impact in my home and my families life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level – serving as a natural solution to healthful living. 

doTERRA meaning “Gift of the Earth” was founded in 2008 by a group of health-care and business professionals who’s mission was to share therapeutic grade essential oils with the world. 

What are certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils?

doTERRA’s essential oils and products are of the highest and purest quality that contain no added fillers, synthetic ingredients or harmful contaminants.  They put all their products through stringent tests to ensure their potency, purity and consistency.  For doTERRA essential oils to maintain their purest quality, they follow crucial methods of growing, harvesting and distilling.

Co-Impact Sourcing & Healing Hands

doTERRA give back in a big way and they do this through their Co-Impact Sourcing initiative which aims to develop long-term mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and consistent income in the underdeveloped areas. Through their Healing Hands organisation they are committed to fighting human sex trafficking and also support Days for Girls which provides hygiene products for women and girls in developing nations. They are helping people and communities with the resources needed to become self dependent individuals and to date have completed 180 projects, distributed 104,516 emergency relief hygiene kits and positively impacted 70 countries!  


doTERRA provides you with the opportunity to earn a passive income with no limit to earning potential. This enables you to spend more time with your family, to travel more,  and do the things you love.

What you get when you sign up through me. 

You get me to support you every step of the way and an amazing network of ladies who all provide such amazing support.  You get and abundance of resources, access to private groups, trainings, videos and so much more!

I’ll send you a welcome pack that will help you get started on your oil journey and will be there to touch base and walk you through the beginnings. 

Healthy Habits

This is a journey – creating & incorporating healthy daily habits into your current routine is the best way to incorporate doTERRA essential oils into your life!

When you get your oils through me you’ll get some amazing resources with tons of recipes for diffuser, roller blends, DIY cleaning, sleep and skin etc. 

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Benefits & Uses

The best ways to use your oils is topically & aromatically.

They help to support your:

~ overall wellness
~ low-tox personal hygiene & self-care
~ green cleaning around your home
~ mood management
~ improved focus
~ sleep
~ incorporate them into your fitness & exercise routine
~ support the healthy function of you & your family’s immune system
~ ease anxious feeling and stress. 
~ They create a calming, relaxing & uplifting atmosphere for your children. Its much safer to diffuse 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils than it is to burn a toxic store bought candle (unless you made it yourself or know its 100% natural of course!)  Essential oils support us on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, how magical is that!!

If you are wanting to live a more natural low-tox life this is definitely for you and i’d love for you to join this amazing journey with me, its so rewarding and exciting.

The Smartest Way to Buy

The smartest way to buy your doTERRA essential oils is to sign up as a wholesale customer, this means that you immediately receive 25% off all products and you earn free loyalty reward points on orders of 50+PV.Your percentage of FREE product points increases by 5% every 3 months from 10% up to 30%!


Wholesale Customer

If you want to simply enjoy doTERRA’s natural products for you and your family, then I suggest you sign up as a wholesale customer. 

You pay a small enrollment fee and immediately get 25% off retail prices with every order as well as receive 10 – 30% off orders back in loyalty reward points. There is NO monthly fee, NO monthly ordering required and NO reselling required.

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Joining My Soul Tribe

If you would like to find out what it means to join my team – click the link below to download the pdf. 
I’m so looking forward to connecting with you!


Wellness Advocate

If you are interested in starting your own business with doTERRA, earning a passive income to eventually replace your day job, are passionate about the natural solutions that doTERRA offer and are excited to share them with others then I strongly suggest you sign up as a wellness advocate.  The Home Essentials kit offers the best value and comes with 15 mL bottles of the 10 core oils: LavenderLemonPeppermintMelaleucaOreganoFrankincenseDeep Blue®doTERRA Breathe®DigestZen®doTERRA On Guard® 

As a wellness advocate you receive a personal website that you can share/refer others to and who can purchase straight from your website.   You also get 25% off retail prices and 10 – 30% off orders back in loyalty reward points redeemable for free products plus the opportunity to create a residual income stream through recruiting others and earning bonuses & compensation.  

*Minimum spend of 100pv every month to qualify to earn commission.

If you would like to start building your doTERRA business –  Click below to purchase your Home Essentials Kit and start to experience these magical “gifts from the earth” for yourself and your family. 

Honest to Goodness (Facebook group)

If you are interested in essential oils and how they can work for you, join my FB group where I share about these things and my journey of self-exploration and healthful living.  I’ve created this group as a safe space to share the things with you that light me up.  This is an open-minded space free of judgement and where we can all connect with like-minded individuals and share freely.  

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